Issue #6 Features:
• Young Mr Twitt goes to war. Life as an officer in the Napoleonic Wars.
• The Last Panzer Attack.
• On the Road to Chickamuga
• The Dean Essig Interview. A 6-page chat with the king of supply.
• Roads to Leningrad - review.
• The Behind the Cardboard. A true and truly moving story.
• Armies of Oblivion - review.
• XXX in Gothenburg. At last some quality entertainment.
• Sink the Nittu Maru.
• The Playtester From Hell

And on top of that:

Operation Walküre - The Plot Against Hitler
A new spectacular 16-card design. Read more here.

Read More About

• Operation Kadesh
• Pearl Harbour
• Wings over Arras
• Operation Kadesh Errata and Q&A
• Check out a few pages from issue four
• Komrade Koba
• Koba Reloading

Yes Comrades:


Back Issues

Command & Strategy #5

  • The Massive Empires of Apocalypse 2.0 Rulebook.
  • Wings over Arras - complete mini game on the 1917 Air War.
  • Comrade Koba - the game of Stalinist Survival is expanded with more Comrades and event cards.
  • WWI Air Combat special.
  • The battle for Jylland 1940
  • On the Road to Gettysburg Operation Felix
  • An Empires of the Apocalypse Scenario.
  • Napoleon at just about anywhere
  • The Greatest Wargame EVER

36 colour pages + one countersheet + two sheet of cards + one massive rule-book

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #4

  • Comrade Koba . The Card Game of Stalinist Survival.
  • Pearl harbor Part IV (collectible boardgame)
  • An Opium War
  • Building a City Block
  • The Playtester From Hell
  • ASL-Ecke

48 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #3

  • Operation Kadesh. By Paul Rohrbaugh. The Suez Crisis of 1956.
  • Pearl harbor Part III (collectible boardgame)
  • History of Assyria part III
  • The Football War
  • Ghosts of Gettysburg
  • ASL-Ecke

48 colour pages + one countersheet

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #2

  • Tank Action, A Panzer Commander Afrika quick card mini game.
  • "The Tough Choice" part II
  • Cannibals at War - The Interview
  • History of Assyria part II
  • Johen Bell Hood
  • Mysteries of the Handschar
  • Pearl Harbor part II (collectible boardgame)

40 colour pages + one countersheet + one sheet of cards

Price: €15


Command & Strategy #1
  • History of Assyria #1Pearl Harbour #1 (collectible boardgame)
  • The Tough Choice #1
  • Napoleonic Reenactment
  • Tanks of The Spanish Civil War

40 colour pages + one countersheet

Price: €15


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