Comrade Koba is a game of political survival in the era of Soviet history known as “The Great Terror.” The players are all trying to purge their enemies from the Party while keeping their own comrades alive. The winner is the player who has one of his comrades closest to the throne (and the danger of being executed) when the terror ends.

Soon to come: Koba Reloding - Part II of the Comrade Koba Saga.

All the cards come with bioghraphies. Like this one.

Jevgenija Jezjova
The skinny, mercurial Jevgenija Jezjova was born as Jevgenija Feigenberg in Gomel. She seem to have had two interests in life: sex and literature and before she met Nikolaj Jezjov 1930 she had already been married twice. Upon meeting Jevgenija, Jezjov divorced his first wife and married her within months. They never had any children, but adopted a young girl from an orphanage.

Jevgenija was by far the most glamorous and independent of the women in the Party elite and for a while even Stalin found her fascinating. She was a spectacular dresser and loved literature. And artists of all kind. Among others writer Isak Babel, director Sergeij Eisenstein and jazz musician Leonid Utiosov wound up among her trophies.

It seems as if her husband was aware of her amoral life just as she was aware of his, but that they somehow both looked the other way. There where rows, though, And once they fought in public. During this ultra-paranoid period a lot of people cracked under the stain or got ill both physically and mentally. But while most of people faced their daemons quietly not to attract any attention the Jezjovs were acting out in public. An exceptionally strange anecdote has Jevgenija and Jezjov together seducing their way through a theatre company while taking turns denouncing each other's lovers and sending them off to certain death. True or not, the story hints at how shocking Jevgenija energetic love life must have been to the average Party official (who, after all, is the one telling the story). Despite the Bolshevik nod at free sexuality and equality between the sexes the women of the Bolshevik Party where either supposed to be docile low-profile babushkas or masculine worker heroines that stared grimly into the future while they shoveled coal or shot Germans. Independent women with a frightening lot of free will did not fit into the picture, especially not Stalin’s.

As the Party’s disgust with what it had unleashed caught up with Jezjov, Jevgenija’s time was up as well. When Beria produced evidence that she was a British spy, Jezjov divorced her and started to kill off her lovers in an attempt to save himself. Jevgenija killed herself with sleeping pills to save her adopted daughter from death or imprisonment (On her deathbed Jezjov sent her a garden gnome, probably some private joke on his diminutive statue.). Nadia Jezjova was indeed spared, but over the next years an amazing number of her mother’s lovers where rounded up and killed. Jevgenija was buried quite close to the mass grave that holds both her husband and several of her lovers.

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