About Command & Strategy

Command & Strategy is UGG's new house magazine. It will be published 4 times a year, once per quarter.
Command & Strategy provides military historical articles, reviews games, reports gaming related news and gives background information on games or new player options. Each issue of Command & Strategy will feature a complete game of some kind be it either a proper game, or an add-on, or a new scenario. From Issue # 2 and on most issue will have not only one, but a second mini game.

UGG's Pearl Harbor (Empires of Apocalypse Part IV) will be published in Command & Strategy as UGG's first collectible boardgame. Since Pearl Harbor is a monster it will be spread over the first 6-8 issues.

Each issue of Command & Strategy features 48 colour pages + one countersheet or other game component.

Subscription Information
For your yearly scubscrition rate you get 4 magazines, no matter when we manage to get the issues out. Should UGG for unknown reaons fail that goal you will get the appropriate part of your payment refunded as a voucher.
A subscription of Command & Strategy renews itself each year unless it is cancelled 3 months before the end of a year.

Note: A Command & Strategy subscription gives nice discounts on your game purchases.


Subscription 55 Euro per year Germany including shipping

Subscription 59 Euro per year other Europe including shipping

Subscription 63 Euro per year outside Europe including shipping

The price for a single issue is 15 Euro + shipping.

Note: the UGG online shop auto calculates shipping. That is a feature of the shop UGG cannot change. But UGG does NOT charge extra shipping for Command & Strategy subs.

Contact the editor in chief: Anders Fager
Order Single issues via the UGG pricelist. Note: In contradiction to a subscription, ordering single issues does cost shipping.