Operation Kadesh
Errata as of 11/05/2015

#1 - Rules 13.1 and 14.3.1 make reference to September 1 and September 2 game turns, but the game turn track starts with the September 3 turn. Also, in 13.1 there is a reference to a November 22nd turn, and the turn track ends with the November 21st turn. What gives?

The original had "Sept. 1" and "Sept. 2" turns. Note that these represent weeks (not days, 2.6). This was changed, for the better to 3 and 4 on the TRC, but apparently the rules reference in the set up fell through the cracks. No biggie. Change it read Sept. 3. We are NOT missing any turns (Phew!). The reference to November 22nd is a typo (should be the 21st).

#2 - Rule 13.2.2 "The Negev" is a setup area for the Israelis, but it is not defined in any way in game terms. Should it read "Anywhere in Israel on the Sinai map, on or south/southwest of hex 19.20," or is "Anywhere in Israel on the Sinai map" more what you had in mind?

Should read "anywhere in Israel."

#3 - Rule 13.3.2 "1 Armd Brig" should read "1 Armd Bn," correct? This is the M-4 piece, not the 1/1 JS-3 piece.

Yes, it is indeed the 1 Armd Bn (not brigade). A typo slipped into the Event Chit table.

#4 - Rule 2.0 states that Leg units have their movement ratings printed in black, but they are in fact printed in white.

Again, we'll track down the proofreader and flog him. His Assyrian Majesty isn't amused by these sorts of things.....

#5 - As I read it, the Note for Rule 4.1 is inconsistent with Rules 14.2.1, 14.3.2, 15.1, and 15.2. 4.1 reads: "Some chits, such as 'No Event,' require that no action is taken and are immediately discarded if drawn." If No Event chits are immediately discarded when drawn, how can the Arab and Allied players start any scenarios with them in their hands?

There is no inconsistency. The set-up instructions are correct. Remember that some of the chits are chosen face-up, the others are taken at random. If some of those randomly selected chits end up being No Event, so be it. Your opponent will find out how good a bluffer you are....

#6 - This is more of a game design question than a rules question. Why did you rate the British Hunter air unit a 1-2 and the Israeli Vatour air unit a 2-2? The Hunter was a superior fighter to the Vatour, and doesn't deserve to have an air-to-air rating equivalent to obsolete propeller-driven fighters. I'd rate it a 2-2 (though compared to the prop-jobs, I'd keep the Vatour a 2-2 as well.)

This is a design technique/decision to keep things simple and not have some complicated, multi-paragraph "rules of engagement" limitations. It works in playtesting. BTW, I sort of liken the Egyptian/Arab air units, after the Europeans show up, are kind of like the line from "Man of La Mancha." It doesn't matter whether the pitcher hits the stone, or the stone hits the pitcher. Its going to be bad for the pitcher....

#7 The 16th Para Brigade sent all of its battalions to Port Said, but only the 3rd battalion is in the game. Did the 1st & 2nd battalions (which came ashore amphibiously) get inadvertantly left out? I ask because leaving a unit out that did participate, while including others which did not participate seems a little odd (the French armd unit in particular).

Not all of the Allied units are depicted. This is due to the street-to-street, house-to-house fighting that sprang up in the Port City of Suez, as well as more "insurgent level fighting" that would've tied up the Europeans should the war have dragged-on longer than it did. Again, I’m keeping it simple by only giving the Allies a limited number of units that could be used for operations outside of Suez.

#8 I noticed that the TEC has some movement point costs of "2" for leg units, but there are no leg units with movement allowances greater than "1." Is this a series of typos?

#$%^ Typos again..., sorry.

#9 Can air units on Air Defense intercept a ground strike on a ground unit? It is not specifically allowed in the rules (that I could find, anyway). I see where they can intercept air base and city attacks, as well as airborne movement, but ground attacks against units isn't specified.

No. But I am experimenting with an optional rule that would allow this if a DR10 greater than or equal to a nation's WF level is made.

#10 On the CRT, the "1" result on the 3-1 column is completely blank. It appears that it should read "1/--." Is this correct?


#11 When calculating DVPs at the end of the turn, you earn 1 per 2 DSPs. Are the DSPs reset to zero after this calculation, or are they retained? If they are retained, are they again counted next turn?

They are reset to zero after the calculation so you don't count them twice.

#12 MVPs for locations are (I assume) counted only once per game and the MPVs are gained or lost as the locations change hands. How about for destroyed units? I assume that you count them each turn, then set them aside to not be counted again.

Correct, only counted once per game.

#13 Rule 5.4 says that only brigade or regimental sized units exert ZOCs; though the rule doesn't explicitly say so, we interpreted this as meaning that battalion sized units don't exert ZOCs, even if multiple battalion sized units are stacked together.

Check 5.7. Three battalions count as a brigade (that would have a ZoC). In hindsight, I can see that a "See reference" in 5.4 to 5.7 would've been nice. See what happens when you stare at the forest so long you no longer see the trees!

Important Note: Arab event chits #7 and #12 should be in black print (not red). Put a "B" on a corner of the text side of these counters to indicate the correction (preferably in black ink). Perhaps in a future issue corrected versions of these can be inserted for folks to cut out and glue onto the originals.