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Price List - Ludifolie


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Max. Discount Price
Alea Iacta Est 26,07 € 20,86 €
Louis XI : The Dauphin and the Sword 30,26 € 24,21 €
Louis XI : The Truce or the Sword 30,26 € 24,21 €
Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814 29,21 € 23,37 €
NEW -- No Man`s Land 28,56 € 22,85 €
Normandy 44: A Bloody Summer 34,45 € 27,56 €
In Prepub now!! -- Swords of Sovereignty 24,99 € 18,74 €
The Berezina 1812 29,21 € 23,37 €
NEW -- Waterloo and Les Quatres Bras 1815 31,42 € 25,13 €