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GENERAL - Second Edition
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The Gamers have created the Standard Combat Series that allows an easy entry for newcomers who already have decided to try a wargame.
With Blitzkrieg General UGG goes one step beyond. Even "Risk" or "Axis and Allies" type players soon feel comfortable playing the 4 pages BG Basic Rules.

The situation:
Two military Alliances the "Allies" and the"Axis" at war with each other...WW II from 1939 to 1945...The Allies British Empire, France, China and Poland defend against the conquest plans of the Axis powers Japan Germany and Italy. Both sides are supported by some smaller countries.
Later the USSR and the USA joined the Allied side.
BG enables 1-8 players (:2- 5 recommended), from 10-88, to play the entire WW II in one evening...


Blitzkrieg General... features

  • area based map system
  • easy die role procedure without tables
  • land warfare
  • no ugly terrain effects or weather hinders your troops in the basic game
  • Naval warfare
  • Production: build your own units


Game designer: Udo Grebe
Game Developers:Andreas "The Japanese" Bertram,Dirk Blech
Playtester in Chief:Ludwig Schmelz
Counter Design: Beth Queman
Graphics: Udo Grebe, Dirk Blech,Andreas Bertram,
Cover Art: Beth Queman

Blitzkrieg General...Contents:

  • 560 full color counters
  • 2 linkable maps, DIN A2 16,53"x 23,38" (Europe and Pacific)
  • 2 Player Aid Cards
  • 55 political & military Option cards
  • boxed
  • 6 six-sided dice
Also available:
  • Old Rules
  • BG Europe Scenario [Rich Text Format]
  • BG PTO Scenario [Rich Text Format]
  • Addtional Player Aids by Martin Gallo

    All BG
    counters are 4-colored – both maps are 4 colored - the two Player Aid Cards will ease your way into the system – the BG option cards are one major difference to other easy-to-play strategic games.As soon as you are comfortable playing the 4 pages BG Basic Rules, go ahead and try the Advanced Rules. The Advanced Rules of this area based game build the bridge to real wargaming, because:Special terrain-, weather-, and supply-rules, as well as our BG command system will get to you, challenge your skills...

Every advanced game is different for nobody knows when which random option card is taken, and what cards your opponents keeps on his hand...


Additional rules, and a step by step involvement of the USA into the war make BG a challenge also for experienced wargamers.

Miniature rules make BG playable with your preferred figurines.
Timetable: 1 turn = 3 months
Playing time: 2-12 hours

BG is available in both English and German 

Recommended Player age: 10 years up

Looking for an instrument to educate new players? Here it is!

Superdeluxe MAP!


Standard Features:
Complexity Low
Solitaire Suitability High
Time scale: 1 turn equals three months
Playing time: 2-12 hours
Players: One to Eight
Recommended Player Age 10 and up

"Blitzkrieg General..." Pricing:

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