This Terrible Sound

This Terrible Sound:

The Battle of Chickamauga was the 'most even' major
battle of the Civil War. At the end of a brilliant campaign that caused the Confederates to abandon Chattanooga, Rosecrans found himself confronted by
an attacking Army of Tennessee. At the end of two days of struggle in the woods of Northern Georgia, the Union Army withdrew northward to Chattanooga
(and stayed there until the later Battle of Chattanooga). Bragg's Rebels failed to pursue (much to the chagrin of Nathan Bedford Forrest who announced he would no longer serve under "that man", Braxton Bragg (he said
other things, too, but you get the idea).

This Terrible Sound provides the depth, detail, and scenarios missing in another recent release on the subject. The designer of that game glibly suggested that players use the scenarios here to flesh out his game (which you can do if you like, but why mess around with the middleman, when you can play the real game instead?). This is another of Dave Powell's tour de
forces, and it shows in every way. As was the case in his earlier game, This Hallowed Ground, TTS sets the gold standard for research into this most interesting battle.

This Terrible Sound is the second game in the new Regimental Sub-Series of the Civil War, Brigade Series. Following on the heels of the acclaimed monster, definitive Gettysburg game (This Hallowed Ground), TTS applies the same research enthusiasm and rigor to this Western Battle. From the words of Park Historians to the Ante-bellum County Farm maps used, no stone has been left unturned.

All RSS games feature the in-depth information above, but also apply a tactical system of ACW combat that allows a better presentation of the tactics of the time than heretofore available. Every bit of Dave's 30+
years of study, examination, and field experience come into play here. This is a real gem...on a topic that lends itself to great gaming!

This is a limited edition, ONLY 2,000 copies will be printed.

  • Designed by Dave Powell
  • 1960 counters
  • Six Maps (Four 22x34, Two 17x22)
  • CWB v3.0 Rules
  • RSS Sub-Series Rules
  • Game Specific Rules
  • 12 Scenarios
  • Detailed Loss Chart Books
  • Two Sets RSS Charts & Tables
  • Multiple Full Color Play Aides
  • Three Countertrays
  • Box and Dice

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