Triumph and Fall Errata

-The numbers are hits  scored by bombardment. If no enemy fighters intercept your mission add 1 to your die roll

-The dark hexes as in the Qatarra depression are prohibited for land units. This is not mentioned in the terrain effects chart.

-The setup mentions in Mar 1940 a bomber to Greece. This bomber is to be withdrawn from Egypt to Greece just like the Australian Inf.

-The Axis reinforcements for Dec 42 on page 22 specify a 6-4-6 tank using a PZ III as pic while the counter uses a Jagdtiger. Use the Jagdtiger for the pics are just illustrations. Anti Aircraft Add:
A D 6 is rolled and cross indexed with the strength of the anti aircraft. The results indicate the number of rejected bombardment factors. Numbers combined with letters "A" or "D" abort respectively damage one aircraft. Additionally the affected aircraft takes rejected factors. Excess factors are again spread on other attacking bombers.

A 6.2.6 Operation Hercules Clarification:
After operation "Hercules" all Axis units taking part have to be repaired to full strength with RPs out of the Axis pool. These units are needed on other fronts...

7.3.5.j Combination of missions (page 9)
No aircraft may conduct more than one mission at he same time. A combination requires at least one aircraft for each mission

A 7.3.4. Reserve Clarification:The restrictions on the placement of reserve units are due to the time when they are placed. If the opponent later changes the situation (i.e. by placing a battle vector next to a reserve unit), the affected units do NOT loose their reserve status.

In every scenario units may start in reserve u to the limits of an HQ. Each of them may move during the exploitation phase

3.7. and 7.1.2 Pools and supply clarification:
Players may transfer supply points from the pools to HQs, cities, airfields the pool is connected with and vice versa. This is only allowed during a friendly movement or exploitation phase. It is particularly not allowed to do this in the non phasing phase. Example: It is not allowed to place supply in a city during your enemies turn when you can see that your enemy is going to cut the supply lines of the city.

A 6.2.3 7th sentence "axis reinforcements" to Malta is replaced by "allied reinforcements" to Malta.

El Alamein Scenario Casualties pool Remove:
1 x engineer (it)
Neutrals set up only if they are attacked
 Anywhere in Portugal(PT):2 INF 3-2-4, 2 Rivercraft, 2 points supply

Battle Axe Scenario Axis setup:
Axis aircraft maybe setup within 3 hexes of the Egyptian border or Tobruk or Derna.