Morsecode Errata 30 May 99 (in order of detection)

-Scenario book Tutorial, page 25, right column: reserve move of the British INF in box 4.

-Scenario book Tutorial, page 24: 'Support Group' The Bomber with tactical Bombardment strength 3 is Italian and consist of air to air rating "2".

-Scenario book / counter picture: The Italian HQ BODAGLIO should be BADOGLIO .

-Scenario book Tutorial, page 27, right column: Battle No. 4 : ...and the German aircraft (with tactical component of 1, not 0) fights the CV... ...The German aircraft (with tactical component of 1, not 0) suffers a 3 (= 'D')...

-Rules book, page 44, right column: '12.2.1 Repair' eliminated air component/rebuild: This costs 2 (not 4) RPs + the aircraft's strength in RPs and takes two months (not one month).

-Page 6 Tanks: The Sherman tank's nickname is "Firefly" not "Spitfire". The Germans Strategic Bomber is a Condor

Voluntary Rules Option:If you play a campaign game starting with the France 1940 Scenario and Germany does not invade the U.K. Germany has to do the following withdrawals to the Eastern front in June 1941:Land units and aircraft worth 150 RPs. Supply and Material is not counted but hits onthe units are. Among the units to withdraw are: The HQs Guderian and Rundstedt, 10 aircraft, 5 tanks. For game purposes these units are returned to the force pools. Germany may rebuild these units for a later reappearance on the Western Front.

- Submarines:No wolfpack-tactics is allowed for nations with less than sub level 1 (see 13.4, research), i.e. subs having searched unsuccessfully are not allowed to take part in the battle.

 -7.3.8. Both aborted ships and aircraft are flipped to their front side during that phase. This action is free of costs.

-7.2.1.a.2 Clarification: Ships in a port have no search radius.

-7.1.4 The only RAIL CAPACITIES which can be captured are the ones in Africa.

-1.0 Last sentence:... a "D 20" refers to a 20 sided die with numbers from ONE to 20.

-7.2.1.g Second sentence:... The number in the top right corner of the counter is relevantfor these actions.