History of the Roman Empire (HotRE)

7. Each player can play a total of two events each turn.

8.2 (Clairification). Forts can be placed at any point during a Roman Faction's Phase.

8.2 Add: While building the Roman player may also pick up Legions from map, in order to use them in expansion. Areas may not be vacated this way, one Legion or a Fort/Fortress must remain in each area.

9. (Example) Legion 6 is placed in Germania Magna, not Raethia.

9.3 Clairification. The "Any enemy Armies starting the Game Turn in the Kingdom or Tribe’s Starting Province must retreat to an adjacent, friendly Province, or be eliminated. Any Fort or Fortress present in the Starting Province is also eliminated." applies to Roman Starting Provinces as well.

10.1 Change. Legions may retreat after the FIRST round of combat.

Quick Reference, Emperor's Bonuses. Clairification. Only die roll modifiers are culminative. There is no gain - or point - to play the Fury event card (win ties) while playing Pompeius (win ties).


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