BG 2nd ed Errata

Erata 10 Nov 02


6.5.4 Invasions:
Naval Recation to Invasions:
BEFORE the invading fleet has unloaded….the none phasing side can conduct a special reaction with its Navy

Errata 20 Feb 02

Map: Normandy is forest

1941 Allied setup clarification:

All Chinese Inf stated as 1 x Inf (B) are Inf 1 (B)

All USSR Air 1 are orange

Tutorial book

Page 5

Japan- USSR Peace


A USSR-Japan peace agreement is in effect. The 2 sentences thereafter are deleted.

Germany moves an Air 2 To Eastern Poland, not an Air 3

Germany moves an Arm 5 to Lwow, not an Arm 4

Albania: 1 x Inf 2 (IT) remains in Albania

Combat results:

Eastern Poland: Germany 2 rolls strength 3, not 3

Hits remain unchanged

Second combat round:

2 rolls strength 3, not 3

add: 1 roll strength 2: 1 x 4, no hit

Hits remain unchanged


Axis 2nd combat round land:

1 roll strength 1, 1 x 4 no hit


Axis: 2 rolls strength 1 not 1 roll

Hits remain unchanged

Pakoe: Japan:

3 rolls strength 1, not 4

Hits remain unchanged

Exploitation phase:

Leningrad Axis:

2 rolls strength 2, not 4

4 rolls strength 1,

Hits remain unchanged

The same is true for the 2nd combat round

Soviet Inf 3 misses by rolling a 4, not a 3

Axis eliminates 2 Inf 2 (B) and retreats 1 Arm 5, not 2 Arm 5 to Baltic. Also to Baltic 1 air 4 and 1 air 3, not 2 x air 3.


Allied phase:

Ligurian sea:

Note: the dive rule form BG 1 has been deleted so ignore the dive. Anyway the search roll fails, no combat occurs.

Near East: 1 Inf 3 I to Alexandria, not an Inf 2 (I) (B)

The USSR does not move aircraft from

Smolensk to Finland, nor from Vitebsk to Finland.

After 6.5 Combat Phase

The Naval Combat occurs in the Aegean Sea, not Levantianian Sea.


Air sea segment

Japan 2 rolls strength 2, not 1

1 roll strength 1, not 2

Hits remain unchanged



8 rolls strength 1 not 11

Hits remain unchanged


2 rolls strength 4, not 3 rolls

Hits remain unchanged


The USSR played the national war Card, that was bought this turn. This example is to illustrate how to use that card. In a real game you are not allowed to play a card you bought this turn.

Advanced rules 6.5.4 Naval Reaction to Invasions:

After the invading fleet has entered the invasion seazone but before unloading the invading land units the non phasing side can conduct a special reaction with its navy.....
In addition to this the usual air reaction to naval battles occurs before any invading land unit is unloaded.

==============March 27, 2003

Rules Clarification:


A Paradrop is an invasion (see 6.5.4) and triggers the same kind of reaction. It does also trigger a reaction as an invasion if conducted into a non coastal area. The Paradroppers are not halved in combat.



In the first turn following a re-conquest of a major power a maximum of the production potential equal to the production total of the re-conquered areas can be used for building new units of that Nation. The same is true for re conquest of BE HOME countries.

Clarification March 16, 2005

Germany has taken Western Poland ans destroyed all Polish forces. Usually Germany would occupy Lwow and Eastern Poland during the exploitation phase. What if Germany does not?

The Soviets can now occupy these areas. That way Poland is conquered and the respective time table event is excecuted.