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Cold Days in Hell




The regular edition of Cold Days in Hell is sold out. There are several request  for a second edition of this game but not enough to print a regular edition. So UGG offers a DTP Kit for those who own the other Empires of Apocalypse games:

Pearl Harbor, Triumph & Fall of the Desert Fox, and Morsecode…_


This is your chance to get the Empires of Apocalypse series complete and for UGG the only way to fulfill the request of several “EOA fan” customers.


As usual a print run gives different amounts of components. If one of them is out of the stock the game becomes sold out.

UGG has remnants of most Cold Days components. The others can be printed on UGG’s printing machine. This machine cannot print die cut counters or maps larger than DIN A 3.  Everything printed on this machine has a white edge.


So you can built your game by mounting your own counters and gluing maps.


The remnant components are not the best, just what we have left. Still all components work. There are no counters with cuts through the numbers for example.

This DTP Kit is not up to the usual standard of UGG’s games therefore it come with a special low price.

If you buy this DTP Kit you automatically accept the lower than usual quality and you agree automatically that you do not have a right to complain about components quality. 


The amount of available components is limited for about 50- 100 games at best. Those who order early have the best chance to receive a comparably good game with most regular components and less DTP.




Udo Grebe in May 2006.



Eastern Front 1939-1945

Empires of Apocalypse Part III

"When 'Barbarossa' starts, the world will hold its breath and keep perfectly still." (Adolf Hitler)

"Our powers are immeasurable. The impudent enemy will have to face this sooner or later." (Josef Stalin)

The third part of the Empires of Apocalypse series covers not only the Eastern Front, but all the rest of Europe that was not covered in either "Morsecode" or "Triumph and Fall..."

Cold Days in Hell

Cold Days in Hell features:

  • detailed land, air and naval warfare
  • rules for tank battles, simulating deep penetrations of armored formations
  • 'Blitzkrieg' rules, incorporating the combination of tank and air formations
  • flexible defense with both HQs and reserves
  • an extensive and realistic naval system
  • unique production rules, allowing you to follow your own strategies
  • Complete Empires of Apocalypse 'Research' concept, including a new research table
  • Diplomacy: Get neutral countries to be involved on your side. The Axis, for example, may try to open a second front against the USSR by influencing Turkey
  • Step by Step involvement of the USA into the war
  • Lend Lease: The Allies may try to help the Soviets economically

All Empires of Apocalypse games can be easily combined into a true mega game of World War II. Together with its predecessors "Morsecode..._" and "Triumph & Fall of the Desert Fox" it completes WW2 in Europe.


  • 1400 full color, die-cut counterssample Cold Days Counters
  • 6 full color maps (2 maps A2 (16.5"×23.4"), 2 maps A3 (11.7"×16.5"), 2 small maps. (Covering a territory that stretches from Eastern Germany to the Ural, from Turkey to North Scandinavia)
  • 1 Empires of Apocalypse Series Rulebook
  • 1 Special Eastern Front Rules and Scenario book
  • 5 colored Player Aid Cards (A4)
  • 3 b&w Player Aid Cards
  • 1 colored Charts & Tables Sheet
  • boxed

Cold Days Map sample

The maps are prepared with front lines for additional 5 scenarios: "Winter 41", "Case Blue (Fall Blau)", "Stalingrad", "Summer 44", and "the Fall of the Reich" (December 1944). These scenarios will be published in a later Special Scenario Kit.

Special Winter Rules as already to seen on the Morsecode..._ Charts and Tables Sheet.

You thought the French "Resistance" was a problem in Morsecode? Wait until the Tito Partisans in Yugoslavia or the strong Partisan groups in the USSR show up. "Cold Days in Hell" will show you what partisan warfare really means...

Cold Days contains 4 scenarios and 1 campaign. You can extend every scenario to the end of the full campaign game at May 1945. Have a look at the scenario information.

Standard Features:
Unit scale: Corps
Time scale: 1 turn equals one month
Map scale: 1 hex equals 25 miles
Scenarios: 4
Playing time: 20+ hours
Players: One to Four

"Cold Days in Hell" Pricing:

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