Blank Box










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Foldable Box which is ideally suited to store ziplock games, components and various other things that the wargamer might find useful (except of course playing tables and other players and the like).

Blank Boxes are the same size as the game boxes UGG used for Blitzkrieg General, ¿Pasarán?, The Hellgame, and Assyrian Wars.
They are folded boxes and are delivered to you in unfolded condition.
What fits in?
Both US letter and European DIN A 4 perfectly fit in. They work good for games with rules book, scenario books, some maps, and charts, 2 card decks, and 2 countertrays.
Size Specifications:
230 x 50 x 305 mm
~ 3,94" x 1,97 " x 12"
They are white unprinted.