Design by Udo Grebe


Cover Design by Knut Gruenitz





On February 24, 2022 Putin's Russia started the war against the Ukraine with a massive assault on several fronts at the same time.
That caused a reality shock to many of us, including the designer.

Putin's War 2022 is a 2 player game, where both sides have a fair chance to win.

In Putin's War 2022 you as a player take the role of the Ukraine or the one of Russia.

Putin's War 2022 combines an area based combat system with political and economic interactions.

The combat system is a modern warfare version of the system used in games like Breakout Normandy (Avalon Hill), the Storm Over:...series from (MMP), and Fortress Sevastopol (UGG).

The non combat elements have similarities to games like Imperial Struggle (GMT).


Putin's War 2022 is an asymmetric design. Russia is far superior in manpower, tanks, aircraft, artillery rockets, and drones. The Ukraine has better leadership and can improve its position with help from the EU and the USA.
Russia gets help from China, Iran, India and others. While the Ukraine player tries to improve the support from the West, Russia discredits western pro Ukraine politicians and conducts Cyber warfare.

As the Ukraine:

Survive the Russian Invasion, stabilize and built your army, organize International aid, gain economic and political influence, reconquer areas.

As the Russian Federation:

Try to break Ukraine resistance in an early massive assault, keep your army going and reduce losses, delay International aid for the Ukraine, discredit western politicians, undermine the enemy war effort with the help of Russian supporters in the west, gain economic and political influence.


Leaders have unique special abilities that can give each turn another impact. In addition they can bring bonus to certain cards and thus make card play more effective.
There are leaders originating from Russia and the Ukraine. Other leaders originate from countries, that can provide help to one side or the other. For example Xi Jingpin performs as Russian leader, while Joe Biden functions as an Ukrainian leader in the game.


Victory is based on winning Award areas. There both players can score Victory points for a Military-, Economical- or Political Victory.
The war continues after 2022, but the game can be won in one of the above patterns in 2022.

Yes, there will be expansions, that cover 2023 war actions. The designer is afraid that more than one expansion will be needed...

You are in command now, you decide what to do!

Besides the fact that both players have a fair chance to win!

UGG wants to help the war victims in the Ukraine. Therefore 1 Euro from each game sold will go to a humanitarian organization.

Proposals welcome.

Here is an introduction to card events and mechanics of the game:

Putin's War Intro




Game Board Section:

Map portion for the Drive on Kiev Scenario

Sample Cards





- Rules of Play

- One Mapboard

- Two card decks with 55 cards each, for a total of 110 cards

- Two Player Aid Cards

- Two sheets sof 9/16 inch counters (228 counters each), for a total of 456 counters

- 4 six-sided dice





  • Game Design:
    Udo Grebe

  • Game Development:
    Robert Fritz,
    Christian Diedler

  • Layout:
    Knut Gruenitz, Udo Grebe

  • Artwork:
    Knut Gruenitz

  • Editors:
    Christian Diedler, Robert Fritz,
    Udo Grebe

  • Cover Art:
    Knut Gruenitz


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