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Morsecode ..._ represents the "V" in the morse alphabet meaning "V" for Victory.
Morsecode ..._ is the first part in the "Empires of Apocalypse" Game Series, eventually covering the whole World War II. All parts of the series can be easily combined into a true mega game of World War II.
Morsecode ..._ consists of only few rules, compared to the great amount of strategic and tactic options it allows.

Morsecode ..._ features:

  • detailed land, air and naval warfare
  • rules for tank battles, simulating deep penetrations of armored formations
  • Blitzkrieg rules, incorporating the combination of tank and air formations
  • flexible defense with both HQs and reserves
  • Convoy Battles
  • an extensive and realistic naval system
  • unique production rules, allowing you to follow your own strategies
  • Empires of Apocalypse 'Research' concept


  • 1680 full color, die-cut counters
  • 1 full color map (22" x 34")
  • 1 Rules Book plus 1 Scenario Book
  • 3 Player Aid Card (A4)
  • 2 Chart & Tables Sheet
  • One 20 sided die and two 6 sided dice

Morsecode ..._ contains 6 scenarios and 1 campaign. You can extend every scenario to the end of the full campaign game at May 1945.


Expanded by:

  • Cold Days in Hell
  • Triumph and Fall of the Desert Fox
  • Pearl Harbour




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