Sneak Peak of the Map. Map Art by Knut Grünitz, copyright 2004 UGG.

Maori - Cannibals at War

by UGG


Kevin McPartland, Jerry Shiles

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The area map for the new Maori will be similar to this one

Maori,was already in P 500 but did not reach its P 500 goal in the first campaign. Why does UGG launch another P 500 campaign?

Maori, Command & Strategy 9 has significant changes compared to its first version Maori, Cannibals at War.

Maori, Command & Strategy 9, is card driven and area based. The 110 different cards can by played as operations or events. The old version was a good game, but the card driven version is just better. Each game is different, so the replay value has been increased.

Sample Cards:



Maori - Naming Contest:

The name of the first version was Maori, Cannibals at War. We wanted to get attention to a rare games subject by choosing that title. Some folks from New Zealand posted on-line that the old title emphasized a small, unfortunate aspect of their history. He gave some examples like the gifting of smallpox-exposed blankets to American Indians, and calling a "wild west" game, "US Cavalry: Biowarfare in its infancy" or a game on the American Civil War, "Lynch-mobs set loose", "Germany land of Nazi Schweinee" or something like that. We got the message and we are looking for a new better name.

The time: about 1250 AD.
The place: the Polynesian islands of Aotearoa, now known as New Zealand.
The clan chiefs have always struggled for control of your islands, since they were first discovered (totally uninhabited) several generations ago. But now, population pressures have added new impetus to these clashes, and the traditional divisions of North Island are ready to collapse into the chaos of war. Will you succeed in becoming New Zealand's sole chieftain? Or will you and your warriors be on the menu of your opponent's victory celebration?

Maori, Cannibals at War, is...
a game for one to four players, of clan warfare typical in Polynesia before European contact. Players build war canoes and train warriors (including the elite Royal Guard) to create a force to strike at their adversaries, while protecting or even fortifying their home village. The player is represented on the board as the Head Chieftain- if this unit is killed, the game is lost. Based on the same game system as 3W's "Tahiti", (published in 1994), "Maori, Cannibals at War" is a completely independent new game.

Each turn of the game represents two weeks of real time.
Each hexagon on the game board spans 6 statute miles.
Special rules for solitaire play are included.


From left to right:

Paramount Chief, Tohunga (shaman), Village, Militia, Warriors, Full Pa, Big Log, Moa, Forest Depleted.

Sample Counters

of the playtest Version. Final graphics will differ.



Game Contents:
One 34"x22" full color game map of New Zealand's forests, mountains, plains, coastland, and clan areas.
Colorful 1/2" game pieces depicting different types of Polynesian warriors, War canoes, villages, fortifications, and resources (including Moa, the native flightless birds- you, too, can drive them to extinction).
One Game Manual, including basic rules with examples of play, player's notes, designer's notes, and historic references.
Creative random events, with the "Build Chart" conveniently on the back.
Two six-sided dice.