Heroes vs Warlords


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Kickstarer Launch estimated March 2018


Map Samples:


Here you can see some examples: top left a common terrain tile, top right Start Area of Knights, lower left Start Area of Barabrians and lower right Start Area of Amazones.


Backsides of Terrain Tiles:



Common Terrain Tile



Barbarian Start Area Tile



Enlargement of a common Terrain Tile (by Nina Zuchowski):


Notice that there are two different kinds of Bridges, one intact and one destroyed. This can be a difference in the game.


Mianatures (kickstarter goal)

Barbarian Hero 1

Barbarian Hero 2

Counter Samples:




Barbarian City Display


Battle Board:



City Defense:


Example of an Hero Display (Amazone):


(all graphics are subject to change, even by now, they are in a near final version)



Heroes vs Warlords


is the title of our new upcoming fantasy strategy game.

Heroes vs Warlords is a fantasy wargame for 2 or 3 players that simulates the struggle between Amazons, Barbarians and Knights. Each player takes over the role of one these three races. There are also some Neutrals, which guard the treasures of the world. The game can be further expanded for a nearly unlimited amount of players with several upcoming expansions.

Heroes vs Warlords is about the eternal struggle for supremacy on the world of Pangea. Pangea is inhabited by tribes of clever Amazons, mighty Knights and wild brutal Barbarians. The world of Pangea is unexplored. Vast lands where no civilized souls have ever been before are waiting for you. Are you up to the challenge?
Will your hero’s army gain new riches for your empire and crush the enemy hordes?
Or will you succumb to the terror of the monsters that hide in various towers, ruins, and mines?

The game map is constructed randomly out of 24 terrain tiles. Each game will have a different map, which results in that every game is new and challenging.

Explore the game map with your hero and his army!

Conquer resources, wear down enemy resistance, explore ruins. With these actions your hero wins Experience Points. Experience Points allow your hero to gain new levels and improve his skills.


Heroes vs Warlords will contain:

390 colored Game Pieces

24 Different Terrain Tiles of the World Map

1 Quickstart Chart

1 Rulebook

3 City Displays

6 laminated Hero Displays

1 Arena (two-sided)

3 x 20 sided die (D20)

3 x 6 sided die (D6)

1 Quick Start Chart

6 Different figures of Heroes

1 Marker for Initiative Player

3 waterproofed Pens

1 Box



Game Design: Dirk Blech

Graphics: Nina Zuchowski




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