Medieval Conspiracy
Errata of January 18, 2019


2.1 Inventory:
Player gray has 16 mercenaries and 9 knights. (Production Error)

3.0 Combat No 11 Reorganization and Reserve, add at the last sentence:
If all enemy units in one row are killed, the victorious units may also be reorganized, attacker decides first.

3.0 Death of an Elector, add:
In case an elector dies, the cards "Curie Intervenes" and "Emperor Intervenes" may not be played.

7.1 Preparing the Event Card Deck:
2. Shuffle the remaining cards inot 3 piles with 12, 11, and 11 cards respectively

14.3. Combat example:
"row 3", attacker 7 hit.


page 13:
Player Gray has 20 Trade Incomet (2 trade routes). His income changes to 90 ducates accordingly


These errata effect the original game rules, but are already included in the Living Rules.