General Information and FAQs about the shop.


You can order on request further games, which are not listed in our shop, from all brands we have in stock.


- ACCESSORIES: These are common or game specific accessories.

- COMING SOON: These new games will arrive in the import after the next one.

- DIRECT US SHIPPING: UGG products can be purchased directly from our partner GMT games. All other games can purchased from our store which is located in Germany. Of cause in this case the shipping rate from Germany and probably custom fees are applicable.

- GAME OF THE WEEK: For a game in this temporary category there is an extra discount!

- GERMAN GAMES: Here we have German versions of Games

- NEXT IMPORT: Here are our new games. For expected dates see above.

- ORDER ON DEMAND: Games in this category will not be ordered regularly, but may be ordered by You!

- OUT AT MANUFACTORER: Here you will find out of print games. This category will be updated regularly.

- PREORDER: Preorder items are not in stock! They can be ordered but you have to wait until they are produced and shipped to us. For a better differentiation, they not only have a blue dot and the description "Preorder" but now also are in blue italic script!

- RETAIL: These game are in our stock and can be ordered. If they have a red dot they also can be ordered. We will have them in our next import.

- WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE: You will get 60 % off as long as we have them in stock!!!


- BLUE DOT: Articles with a blue dot are Preorder items and not in stock! For a better differentiation they are now shown in blue italic script!

- GREEN DOT: 6 or more items are in stock.

- RED DOT: Items with a red dot may be ordered anytime, whether they are in Retail or On Demand category

- YELLOW DOT: 1 to 5 items are in stock.


If you have opened an article and the tab "Media" is available, you can find some rules or other files of interest there.
See for Example Assyrian Wars (UGG).


If you like to receive the latest news from UGG please subscribe to our Newsletter in the following manner: Scroll down on the Start Page til the last shown game, beneath it press the button "Subscribe", enter your name and email-adress and press "Submit". You will receive an email, where you can activate the shown link. From now on you will receive the UGG Newsletter!
If you are already a customer, you can just go to your Account->My Account->Newsletter Settings to subscribe.


Please note our updated Tags concerning Solitaire Games. If you chose the Tag SOLITAIRE you will find the current list of our solitaire games.


We were frequently asked with similar questions. To save your time and our time here are answers to common questions:

1. Q: When will the game XXX arrive at UGG?
A: It depends on the category it belongs to.

a) Next Import: The game will arrive with the next import. The estimated date is shown on the start page of our shop. But due to influence outside of UGG (weather, strike, transport delays, customs etc.) it is not possible to predict it exactly. So please be patient (like us).

b) Coming Soon: The game will arrive probably within the next 3 to 5 month. This depends on how quickly the publisher will finish the product. We have no influence on that, so please be patient or ask the publisher.

c) UGG Tentative Production Schedule: The game will be published as soon as enough interest exists. If we think there are enough orders, we will start the final production process. Please do not ask us about this.
Watch out for our product announcements on Facebook, Twitter, our Website, and our Shop. And please be patient!

d) Other Categories: We do not know, when products from other publisher are available. So please do not ask us about them, instead please ask them directly, thanks.

2. Q: May UGG purchase games from Hollandspiele?
A: It is possible, BUT Hollandspiele grants only a small discount to dealers. Therefore it is not worthwhile for UGG. Sorry, under the current prerequisites UGG will not deal with games of this company.

3. Q: I'm living in the U.S.A and like to order a game which is part of the category direct_us_shipping. Does that mean it hady to be shipped to me from the US and that I will have to pay the customs duties on it?
A: We have some UGG games in the USA. Like Fortress Sevatopol. US customers can order them with shipping from our US office. That is cheaper for them. But for all other games (that are not stored in our US office) US customers have to pay the direct shipping rate.

That does not concern non US customers, they just pay the shipping to their country according to our webpage.